Me, Myself and Shikha Raturi!

now thats a scintillating smile.(Only for you guys..shhhh) 

Well, the name is Shikha Raturi. (cooler than James Bond, isn’t it?)
Who am i?    I could tell you but then i would have to kill you.
Why this Blog?  I love movies, isn’t that obvious. So movie freaks like me would wanna explore some hidden gems..Wouldn’t you? So for your own sake, stick to this blog.
Will you enjoy reading this blog?   Duh! what kind of question is that?
Now grab a copy of RSS feed. Henceforth, you are given the privilege of sending me your feedback, comment or any suggestion on this blog (not that i would take it seriously).
Alternatively, if you have seen a movie which you would like people to know about just let me know.

Some random facts about me...(don't u dare leak these)
1) I love watching and playing Tennis.
2) I love the rain not because the smell of the ground is nice and all..i have a much deeper connection than all you guys, its because it was raining when i first left the hospital as a baby and i fell in love with it (that data has never been historically verified..but i know u guys believe my words) 
3) I love  F.R.I.E.N.D.S, yes the TV show.
4) I love breads..all kinds.i think i was a baker in my previous life.
5) I like singing even though i don't know the lyrics. (But i hate it when people mess up the lyrics).

Enough about me..ok ok one more fact..just for you: I cant have dont get me wrong..i like animals and other forms of living being but i love people. I am just crazy about babies.