Thursday, November 25, 2010

ROMANTIK--A Turkish Treat!

I am delighted to be invited by the “AddPopcorn” team to write a guest post. I am not a big movie fan but I like to explore and AddPopcorn is a great place to discover unique movies from around the world. So I decided to do my bit as well and share this Turkish movie with you.
In life there are inevitable moments where we assume and judge a person, a place, an occasion, or a thought. And we go ahead and take actions. Actions, regardless right or wrong, they have butterfly effects on our environment and change our lives for the better or the worse.

The movie “Romantik” presents a love story between a girl and two men that love the same girl. When her boyfriend has to leave her to run away from the law, he comes back after three years only to find out that she is about to marry his best friend. He feels betrayed and she is confused. Things start happening...
It might sound like a cliché story or it is a cliché story. However the amazing point with the movie is how it plays with the audience. It shows the audience only one part of the story and as soon as we start assuming why the characters act the way they do, the story changes and shows us how bias we were. It is a great lesson the movie gives with a sweet love story and romantic scenes. There are great actors in the movie including my favorite Turkish actor “Okan Bayulgen”. He is a sensation in Turkey with his intelligence, humor and the ears that stand so far from his face that he could easily use them on his sailing boat. No seriously, he is a great actor and he chooses great movies. The other actor is a great singer who played for this movie for the first time.
I think “Romantik” is a nice movie with a great purpose and very easy to watch. I love the soundtrack  of  this movie as well. Worth watching it J

Hacer Demiroers
UMASS Boston - International Students

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