Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Special –A tale of two sisters (A South Korean Psychological)

The horror genre in Asia has traditionally been dominated by the so-called J-horror - the Japanese horror phenomenon that sees a lot of young girls in pajamas with dark, raggedy hair hanging in their lethal faces. But as Korean cinema rose to regional prominence and domination over the last few years, a new, so-called K-horror has risen to challenge the Japanese authority.
A tale of two sisters is based on an old Korean folk tale, the story is about two sisters, the quiet Su-yeon(in a dramatically commanding performance) and her protective older sister Su-mi. The teenagers have just returned home after treatment at a mental health clinic. The cause of their stay isn’t immediately clear, but attention quickly shifts to their less-than-ideal home life. The girls live in a stately and secluded home in the country with their father and stepmother. Their stepmother, who Su-mi refers to as “that woman,” has a penchant for cruelty and immediately begins to torture Su-yeon. Su-mi is outraged both by this and her father’s cold and distant behavior. Sounds pretty typical for the Asian horror genre, but as soon as the movie looks like it’s shaping up to be your standard haunted-house fare, it gives you a new twist.

The stepmother’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre, and the decor of the house seems to change randomly. But what is really suspicious is the obliviousness of the father to these strange occurrences. Is the house truly haunted, or is someone in the family slowly losing their mind?
When the lines between fantasy and reality get completely erased it becomes impossible to stop watching this movie. What is wrong with this family? What dark secret are they hiding? There comes a point in the movie where you will have no idea what is going on, but rest assured that most of the mystery will be explained in the end.

Other than the great acting by the cast, i was really blown away by the cinematography of the movie, it's beautiful, filled with the contrasting spring colors of the fields and the dark reds used to decorate the house. The shifting hues and shadows within the home really give it a life of its own and do much to elevate the dark mood. This movie will really elevate your halloween mood 0_0
Watch it for the sheer brilliance of the performance and story-line, I am sure you won't be disappointed.
Do let us know whether you liked it or not,
Happy watching

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  1. The best parts are actually for us figure out, to differentiate the reality from perception! fantastic thriller and completely butchered by Hollywood's The Uninvited