Monday, November 8, 2010

Golden Globe Award Winner "The Painted Veil"

I am so glad to have been able to watch this movie. This is the third screen adaption of the W. Somerset book: "The Painted Veil" and this is one of the most beautiful adaption. Its cinematography topped with haunting acting by both the lead actors is truly amazing. I have come to admire Edward Norton not only for his intense acting but also for his choice of films.

You cannot watch this movie without getting engrossed into the character's life. Yes, it is a slow paced movie, but for me the slow pace really enhances the beauty of the movie.

The story is interesting and believable. Naomi Watts clearly depicts a beautiful, spoiled and restless society girl who hastily marries a conservative micro biologist Dr. Walter Fane(Edward Norton), who is simple, dull, introvert and practically lives for his study of infectious diseases. From the start, the marriage was destined to fail. Kitty starts to look for affection in the arms of another man( played by Watt's real life then boyfriend and now husband, Liev Schreiber) . Walter finds out that his wife is having an affair and suggests a remedy and the remedy he propose raises eyebrows. He will either give her a divorce and effectively make her a social pariah, or she will have to follow him into a sort of purgatory—he's decided to take a post in the north of the China, where there's been a cholera outbreak and she must accompany him. She is left with no choice. Here starts a new journey which changes their lives forever.

The scene where Dr. Fane confronts Kitty is superbly done. That is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. If you have seen this movie tell me your favorite scene.
And if you havent, watch it!
Happy watching!!

P.S.: Confession: I'm a bit of a sucker for love stories that start after the wedding:)


  1. ADORE this movie. I made my sister watch it, too, and while she didn't like it at first, she loved it in the end and ultimately bought the DVD. She'll randomly text me from time to time with a simple message: "They might have died in that bed...This can be your room."

  2. Love the P.S comment!!! :) Definitely watching it tonight!

  3. @ Cooley .. Thats funny! lemme know ur fav. scene.
    @ shweta.. u have to watch it sooner than soon:)