Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Blue Umbrella: A Beautifully Simple but Impactful Little Fable

Blue Umbrella is a screen version of Ruskin Bond's short story Blue Umbrella.
The protagonist is Biniya (Shreya Sharma), a precocious girl who lives in a picturesque mountain village. The town is a stopping point for tourists on their way through the mountains. One day, Biniya meets a group of tourists and trades her lucky necklace for a beautiful, blue Japanese-style umbrella. The blue umbrella stands out among the alpine greenery, and Biniya and her umbrella become the town’s main attraction. Tourists pose for photos with her when they stop at the local snack shop, run by an old man named Nandu (Pankaj Kapoor). Nandu covets Biniya’s blue umbrella, as do several other adults in town. He tries to trick and bribe her into giving him the umbrella, but she isn’t interested. When the umbrella is stolen one night, Nandu is Bindiya’s prime suspect.
At her request, the cops raid Nandu’s shop, but the umbrella’s not there. Humiliated, Nandu vows to buy his own umbrella. A short while later, Nandu receives a delivery: an umbrella exactly like Biniya’s, only red. He becomes the de facto mayor of the village, though heart-broken Biniya still harbors suspicions about him.

But what's really incredible about the film is the sheer spirit of humanity that pervades and shines through the entire film. It is indeed ironical that the film that has been named the 'best children's film' at the Indian National awards is actually not a kiddies’ flick at all. But The Blue Umbrella can make you feel like being a child all over again- rather like Nand Kishore in the film, who despite all his vices still retains the child in him.
I won't say anymore about this one. If you are reading this I will urge you to watch this. It's a real cool piece of cinema, a great pleasure for the eyes and the mind. I am regretting for not watching the movie in theater.
And yes, an umbrella plays one of the main characters. ;)

Happy Watching :)


  1. Hey Ive watched this...Gud one...

  2. Hi Shikha...
    Cool blog! Well I've seen the film long back and its really a film like a breeze of fresh air. Besides Shreya isn't as smart girl as one played by Shweta Prasad in Vishal's debut 'Makdee'. For me the great reason to watch this flick is a brilliant actor Pankaj kapoor who didn't get his acting due in commercial bollywood even though his one of the finest and matchless indian actor.

    Ohh and you forgot to mention those wonderful children tracks penned by Gulkzar & composed by Vishal."Neeli aasmani chhatri..." and "Mera Tesoo yahin adaa, khaane ko mange dahi wada".

    By the way i've just seen a fine children film recently made by Gulzar.Here's link of my blog to read the review of that film.


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  4. Nand Kishore in the film, who despite all his vices still retains the child in umbrella