Friday, December 10, 2010

Dil Chahta Hai....What the Heart Wants. Definitely(D) Captures(C) ur Heart(H)

I remember the last day of school so clearly, it seems like yesterday. All my friends and I were sitting outside the class in the sunshine, all of us speculating about where we would be years down the line and what would we be? (thanks to facebook we all are still in touch). But thinking of your school days makes you want to re-wind your life back to those days..
That’s the sort of thing you reminisce about when watching a film like "Dil Chahta Hai".

It is based on debutant director Farhan Akhtar's diaries of his trips to Goa, his 1996 month-and-a-half long stay at New York, and a storyline narrated to him by a friend. It tells the story of three friends graduating from college and transitioning into life as adults. Each individual has a different perspective of life and love in particular.

Sameer(Saif Ali khan) is a firm believer of love, always on the lookout for that special someone. The only problem is that he wears his heart on his sleeve and lets it get run down by ladies all the time. On the other hand Siddharth (Sid) is a mature sensitive guys, who is an introverted artist and still searching for the meaning of life, the most mature of the three, is not interested in trivial romances and is dedicated to his work.. but strikes a chord with a much older, alcoholic divorcee who shares his love of art. Aakash is a non-believer in hardwork and love. He thinks love makes a healthy relationship more complicated so all his relationships never last more than two weeks.

The story takes you forward in their lives and how things get complicated and difficult as life moves forward.

One of the highlights (and also less talked about) of the movie is its Cinematography by Ravi K. Chandran, who has done a brilliant job. Especially some scenes like breakdown of Aakash, song Tanhai and some scenes in Australia and Goa were just amazing.

As soon as I finished watching Dil Chahta Hai, a film that is a good three hours long, I wanted to hit play and watch it all over again. The feeling I had when it came to an end was like the one you sometimes get when you finish reading a good book - satisfied and sated, but regretful that you have to leave that perfectly created fictional world and the characters you have come to know and love so well, so soon.

I wanted to write some more about the movie, but decided against it! Instead i would ask you to rent it asap and enjoy the movie! Do watch this movie at least once. This movie is a toast to friendship and love.

Let me know whether you liked it or not.

Happy Watching!

you can find the whole movie on youtube with english subtitles.

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  1. Amazing, amazing movie!! farhan akhtar's best creation so far!!!