Sunday, January 2, 2011 Enjoyable flick!

Ahh, I love french Comedies, even though the story is old and told many a times but French Cinema always presents it in a freshly manner. 
In this entrancing French comedy Audrey Tautou plays gold-digger, Irene who has a series of relationships with wealthy older men for the benefits, nice hotels, good food, and the gifts they give her. She has supreme self-confidence and makes no apologies for what she does. The other main lead, Jean (Gad Elmaleh) is just the opposite, meek and will capitulate in almost any circumstance. He works as a bartender in a Hotel. 

In one uncontrollable night Irene mistakes Jean for a wealthy man. They have a night of passion, but when her boyfriend finds out, he dumps her. Rejected by her ticket to financial security, she focuses instead on the hotel worker, unaware that he is as poor as she is. Poor Jean is deeply smitten with Irene, so much that even after she realizes he's poor and is angry at him for wasting her time, he continues to gladly bankrupt himself just to be with her. At one point he offers her a one-euro coin for 10 seconds of her time. He spends the 10 seconds gazing at her with huge love-struck eyes. ( isnt that Cute) . Now now Irene and Jean have an intense emotional and physical attraction for one another, but she needs more money to 'survive' than he can afford, and he needs the sponsorship of his own mistress to keep himself afloat. How they resolve the entanglements that tear them apart is both amusing and heartwarming.

 The plot twists and turns as the film progresses, but, since this is a romantic comedy, we have a fairly good idea of where things will end up - but it still is fun to watch this odd couple volleying back and forth. This isn't any kind of masterpiece, but is effortlessly crafted and thoroughly entertaining with spectacular locales.

Happy Watching..
How many boxes of popcorn will you give this movie (out of 5)??

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